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Ainaa Loyalty Points

Ainaa Loyalty Points was officially started on 20th July 2020. Points only will be granted for every purchase started on this date. Any purchase before this date will not entitle any points.

1. Ways to Earn Points

To join this Loyalty Program, customers must register an account (it’s free) on our website here. Customers also can register at the checkout page.

Every RM purchase will get 1 point. RM1=1 points.

Only purchased value of product will be entitled to points earning. Any shipping cost, tax, or discount will be excluded and is not entitled to point-earning.

For a limited time, customers also can get 100 extra points for every first purchase and 20 points for leaving a review on the product page (only verified buyers can leave a review).

From time to time, we also do promotions where customers can get extra points for certain purchase dates or values. For any campaign update, you can join our Telegram Channel or subscribe to our mailing list.

2. Points Expiry​

All points’ expiry date is 180 days (6 months) from the customer’s last purchase.

Points redemption can be made by customers through the customer’s account dashboard under the Point section.

3. Points Redemption

Customers can redeem points to generate voucher codes. Once generated, this voucher code is valid for 30 days from the redemption date. This voucher code can be used on the checkout page when purchasing any products from this website.

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